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Top Beer BrandsThe world is filled with thousands of different beers but only a few can be one of the top beer brands. Here is a list of 10 of the most popular and respected beers in the world.

10. Sarajevsko Pivo comes from Sarajevo, Bosnia.  It is a pale lager with a golden body with a white foamy head. The aroma is light with hints of hops. The taste is light too with mild floral and fruity suggestions. The finish is short but bittersweet.

9. Yuengling is another pale lager. It’s based in Pottsville, Pennsylvania. It has a golden amber color. The head is minimal. The aroma smells of spices. It’s slightly bitter with mild hops.  It’s light on the palate and quite smooth. The finish is sweet malt with minimal bitterness.

8. San Miguel Pale Pilsen, a pale lager coming from the Philippines, it has a clear, light yellow color with a short foamy white head. The aroma is malty with a lot of citrus. The taste is malty too and slightly grainy. It is medium bodies. Herbal or citrus hops are prominent.

7. Miller Lite is a pale lager from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It has a light yellow color and a thin foamy head that disappears quickly. There’s an aroma of hops with rice or corn. The taste is very light and the beer is highly carbonated.

6. Samuel Adams creates many beers but the most popular is their Boston Lager, a type of Vienna lager. The color is amber with red tints. The head is large, white and foamy.  The aroma is sweet and bready. The flavor is like the aroma but dry.  It has a medium body. The finish is slightly bitter.

5. Coors Lite is a pale lager.  It features a clear light yellow color with a big white head that disappears in a few seconds. There is a distinct aroma of corn. It also tastes a bit like corn with a fruity finish. It’s very light and drinkable.

4. Guinness, unlike the others is a stout. It has a dark brown, almost black color.  The head is a light brown. The aroma is malty. The taste is like a big smooth roast of coffee and caramel; very rich but a little burnt. It’s medium bodied and very drinkable.

3. Heineken is another pale lager, this time from the Netherlands. It is light yellow with a white head that disappears quickly. It smells and tastes like grain. It’s crisp and well carbonated. But with little body

2. Corona Extra is the best selling imported beer in the USA. It’s a pale lager from Mexico. It’s a bubbly clear and very light beer. The head disappears as soon as it can. It has a grainy smell with slight grassy hops. The taste is very weak and adding lime can do wonders for it. It feels very thin and sparkly in the mouth. The finish is lightly bready.

1. Budweiser is the most popular beer. It’s produced in Missouri. The color is a very clear yellow while the head drops very quickly. It smells of grains and it tastes like corn with a crisp bitter finish.


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