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The Disadvantages of Beer When Taken in Excessive Amounts

Beer is undoubtedly good for your health when taken in moderation, which is about a bottle for women and two bottles for men every day. But the moment you begin drinking the beverage in excessive amounts, you’ll be subjected to several dangers, some of which can be potentially life-threatening complications.

With that said, here’s one of the many disadvantages of beer when consumed in unwarranted quantities: liver damage. Though it may take months or even years before you start noticing the harm done, you’ll eventually get there anyhow if you continue to bombard your body with uncontrolled amounts of alcohol.

Too much alcohol can hinder the liver’s ability to flush out toxins from your body. Once the liver has been damaged, it may regenerate, but will do so in an abnormal pattern. This can permanently affect the organ’s capability to function properly or even stop working.

Suffering from a major hangover is another item on our list of the disadvantages of beer when drunk excessively. You’ll wake up with your head spinning, which may be accompanied by a pounding that’s felt in some parts of your brain.

Ingest too much alcohol at night, and you’ll vomit all over the toilet bowl in the morning. Shakiness, fatigue and sensitivity to light are other symptoms of a hangover. These indicators will prevent you from going to school or work, which in turn can have several consequences on their own.

Moreover, you may have difficulty in focusing or remembering important things that need to be done for the day.

Next item on our list of the disadvantages of beer when too much has been consumed is: automobile accidents. When you’re drinking the beverage (or anything else with alcohol content), and you’ve gone way passed your personal limits, driving yourself home is one of the most dangerous things you could ever think of doing.

It’s hard to drive back to your place with your head spinning and eyelids getting heavy. Thousands of people die from drunk-driving related accidents every year. If you feel you had too much to drink, it’s always better to have a buddy (that hasn’t been drinking) to drive you home. If you plan on going out by yourself, it’d be wiser leave your car and take a taxi instead.

These are just some of the many disadvantages of beer that you need to keep in mind at all times. This can be avoided by knowing and staying within your limits when drinking the alcoholic beverage.


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