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Tips On How To Treat Alcohol Poisoning

Whenever you’re out with your buddies for a couple of beers, it’s important that you remember to stay within your limits. However, it’s possible that we sometimes lose control and ingest large amounts of the alcoholic beverage, which does have a series of corresponding consequences.

In some instances, people tend to drink unbelievable amounts of this drink, which leads them to a condition known as alcohol poisoning. But just how bad is this? Well it’d all depends how much of the drug is flowing through your blood stream. If your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) levels are extremely high, you may go into a coma and even die.

If you suspect that your friend or acquaintance you know has ingested dangerous amounts of the substance, here are a few tips on how to treat alcohol poisoning. With that said, here’s the first piece of advice on today’s list: call for an ambulance, and identify all the symptoms he’s displaying.

Doing so will allow you to get a rough idea on how badly he’s been intoxicated. Paramedics and other medical staff will definitely find the information helpful for assessing his current status. Some symptoms to look out for include the following: unusual breathing patterns, pale skin with a bluish tinge, vomiting, confusion, a sudden drop in temperature, and the patient passing out.

Another tip on how to treat alcohol poisoning is: don’t give the victim coffee. Lots of guys out there still use this remedy on their drunken chums. They believe that the jolt from this beverage will help them regain rational thinking and fight lethargy.

Unfortunately, alcohol has properties that dehydrate the body, and the same goes for caffeine. Therefore, drinking more coffee will further parch you from the inside, and worsen the symptoms of the condition.

Individuals that know how to treat alcohol poisoning will tell you that taking anything with caffeine content would be counterproductive. Giving them water instead would be a lot better. While waiting for the ambulance to arrive, see to it that your buddy doesn’t lie down, and maintains a sitting position.

Moreover, do not allow to the victim to walk or “shake it off” at the dance floor, especially if you suspect the intoxication levels in his body are very high. These are just a few of many tips on how to treat alcohol poisoning in your buddy while waiting for the paramedics to arrive.


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